Positioning Leads to Long-Term Growth for Companies That Hope to Develop Into Successful Corporations

Positioning is an Important Strategy for Effective Digital Marketing Companies

Positioning Helps Companies Go Far in the Long-Run

Often leading companies get marketing wrong.  DNA-based methodology creates an authentic relationships with consumers, offering ways to purchase products, which they care about.  Corporations that understand positioning, a technique described by Andy Cunningham, seasoned Silicon Valley technology marketer, do really well in comparison to companies that jump into the market with hastily, and brash marketing strategies aimed at making quick sales, which hassle consumers, losing their trust easily (Cunningham, 2018).


Positioning is a technique which requires marketers to understand consumer behavior, and the rational authentic position for their market.  Popular social media companies, which partner with retailers of successful products are sure to generate high revenues, quickly evolving from small companies with few customers, to great corporations that are successful and understand their consumers.  Developing an elaborate marketing strategy, and later a “brand,” as Cunningham wonderfully explains in her book, “get to aha!: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition”, requires positioning, understanding the DNA behind a product.  Positioning gives marketers time to understand the market valuation of their product, before they can move forward and decide how to pay for a marketing strategy, and develop a brand, which can be successful.  Successful business people working in digital media should use positioning to gauge the market and develop complex narratives, copywriting, and advertisements, like billboards, which can continue to develop authentic relationships with consumers over time.  Digital marketing involves partnering with social media companies which can help products get publicity, and generate revenue for small businesses hoping to successfully develop into billion-dollar corporations (Cunningham, 2017).

Business people who hastily, and desperately try to make sales without understanding the DNA of their companies, can run out of profits after a few months, and fail (Cunningham, 2017).

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