More Brands Joining Instagram

More and more people are falling into the social media craze and a lead captor is Instagram. Instagram is a mobile app that allows users to take photos or videos for the purpose of sharing their life online.  It is now one of the top social platforms and businesses can use this to their advantage.

Instagram currently has more than 500 million users and steadily growing. What does this mean for marketers? That there is a huge platform of consumers waiting to be engaged with. Many businesses are advertising on Instagram for a number of reasons:

  • Simple to use: The app only allows a handful of options for what to post, this gives everyone fair game. There is no annoying spam or pop-up videos/links that usually drive consumers away. But rather it is the same square space that every user has. Allowing businesses to reach consumers in a relatable fashion that is not too overbearing.
  • Creative: Instagram allows businesses to visit their creative side and release content that is unique and specified for their brand.
  • Effective: Visual marketing is becoming increasingly popular as social media marketing continually grows. Consumers are preferring to gain information through sight, and Instagram does just that. If a company is able to draw a consumer in through their pictures and captions they have potential to gain more followers and ultimately customers.
Join in the Fun

Obviously if you’re a brand manager or brand marketer you need to stop what you are doing and set up an Instagram account. Right away for the future of the free world depends on it!

Ok, maybe not the entire free world and perhaps I am being a bit melodramatic. But the fact remains that consumers – more and more of them, are using Instagram, just as they are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. And if you’re not including Instagram as part of your social media strategies which should be part of your overall integrated marketing campaigns, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to move that needle.

From the conclusion of the Simply Measured study: ”For brands that continue to hold out and watch as their competition is engaging users and measuring results, 80 cmillion potential customers are being ignored.”

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Multi Level Marketing

Amway, Herbalife, MegaBônus, Monavie, Forever. It is likely that one or more of these names are familiar to you because all have one thing in common: they are companies with distribution system based on so-called multilevel marketing (MLM), also known as Network Marketing, and Network Marketing, respectively.
The principle is the marketing of products or services directly to consumers through a network of independent distributors, individuals not employed by the utility company. However, the purpose of this paper is to present concepts. I want to talk to those who already work in this system or who are tempted to do so.

You must be wondering what this author is intimately involved with this system and knows very well. I have been asked numerous times to join in this endeavor. Not that I do not believe in its viability. In fact, I see from a great MLM business opportunity with potential for spectacular profits! However, only those who pass the 10 screens detailed below:

1. Time. Forget this story of “earn extra income.” First, because you will not win anything the extra income will not fall from the sky, unless you do to something to deserve it. Second, because MLM demands dedication, commitment and, especially, time. The results will not emerge with only two or three hours working on weekends. If you want to make significant gains planning to make this your primary business after a few short months, and with great enthusiasm.

2. Relationship. To initiate the process necessary to trigger your contacts offering the product but choosing people who actually might be interested in using the product continuously, and then promote its dissemination to third parties, expanding the network.

3. Communication. We’re talking about selling, so that one of the determinants of success will be your ability to communicate verbally, talking with your prospects, written communication, preparing advertising materials, promotional materials and newsletters, and interpersonal communication through good use of body language and other signs. Never be limited to material and instructions supplied by the provider.

4. Initial investment. The best think is to have its own financial resources sufficient to fund the acquisition of the membership kit and a first batch of products without compromising your personal budget.

5. Determination. Make planning, set goals, establish a vision for the future. Signal what you’re getting. And dream big. Nothing can be more mediocre than to dream small dreams come true. Persistence is the fuel, while the determination is the engine.

6. Knowledge of the business. Learn all about the company, product and market. Know your competitors and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Become an expert on the subject. Understand that you will not be selling cosmetics, shakes or credit card, but beauty, healthy eating and convenience. In other words, sell benefits.

7. Commitment. In network marketing, commitment means more than pursuing goals and determination to exercise. It represents more than attention to network members and respects the principles and values of the company represented. The quintessence is just using the product. This is the best way to make it reliable and desirable. To persuade, lead by example.

Note that these screens involve technical aspects (business knowledge and resource management), behavioral (persistence, determination and commitment), relational (communication and relationships) and value (transparency). And they can all be practiced and developed. However, it must pass before the greatest of all constraints: time. And that’s not a question of good or bad management, but of choice and surrender.