Top 5 Free Tools for Creating Hot Infographic

Information graphics (AKA: Infograpgic)

bring in the most users and attraction to your brand with users having diminishing attention spans, bright messages with clearly-displayed nuggets of information allow straight to the point message with real eye-catching statistics.

The biggest websites are already creating different categories of infographics on Pinterest and Twitter. So get up on the wagon and go for the ride.  It does not take a lot to start creating your own infographics within minutes.

Top 5 Free Tools for Creating Hot Infographic:5 Free Tools for Creating Hot Infographic

Hohli is an intuitive and simple online chart maker. Charts are also very well designed and look awesome!

Many EyesIBM research venture lets you upload your documents and visualize the modifications you can make to make it more attractive. You can select from template formats or customize your own changes. Nice! If you think that vibrant colors and attractive images will work best for your document, pay a visit to the website and be amazed by the number of stunning visuals.

Inkscape is a free vector graphic software available for many platforms. You will have no problems importing your visualisations and combining them with other visuals to create your masterpiece.

Gapminder “There’s nothing boring about statistics!” Documents about current world affairs, dealing chiefly with statistics, can be really spiced up with the Gapminder cross platform tool. A Adobe Air application returns your document with extremely eye-catching visual stats.

Many users not happy on latest Microsoft Bing search test – Is it Working or Failing?

Microsoft Bing search test – Is it Working or Failing?

Bing’s popularity has died down since the days of its  re-branding and re-design product release. Microsoft is now seaching for a way to move google users to Bing.

HOWEVER, as reviewed by CNET, it’s seems that the search engine users are confused, frustrated and believe Bing’s effort are failing from the new search outputs.

As part of this effort, Microsoft has introduced a major overhaul of the ways Bing displays its search results on its main page.  It seems it just too plain! I see no value-add.

This new strategy may speed up Bing’s search results, but I believe it’s too early to tell.

via Many users not keen on latest Microsoft Bing search test | Microsoft – CNET News.

New Bing Search Tool


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