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          Pinterest and Tumblr are considered curatorial social spaces, according to the NY Times, with the additional blog component for Tumblr. But after the Yahoo buyout of Tumblr, it’s following has become stagnant while Pinterest is coming up strong and predicted to soon rival Twitter in its amount of handlers. Social media has been around for decades but has only started trending now, which means out with the old blog spaces and in with the new real time one sentence life update.



          Google is the leading data search engine with the ability to image search as well, but while Google has the literal answer for image keywords, Pinterest has the creative answer for users with aesthetics in mind.

The great thing about Tumblr is that it effectively combines a variety of image content under a number of tags that is seen worldwide, and with gaining a following they can choose to get to know you personally via opinion blogs and messages.


Forbes Magazine recently did a study on the top four networking applications ranking Facebook ($170 billion), Twitter ($23 billion in stock), and Linkdin ($20 billion) as the top three but Pinterest ($5 billion) is climbing fast in popularity. It’s estimated to go head to head with Twitter in the next year. Surveys say that many of the users are identified females, myself included, but it has no target gender, and male identified users are testing the waters more and more.


I recently became a Pinterest convert. I was previously a Tumblr addict adamantly resisting the fact that something new could be better than Tumblr.My partner recommended Pinterest to me because I missed the visual inspiration I got from Tumblr but without the time investment needed to search and sort in comparison to Tumblr and Google.



          Pinterest brings to the table immediate satisfaction in all things visually pleasing to the eye, the interface allows for quicker browsing and more exploration in order to create personal mood boards in which others can view or you can choose to hide.


It’s an excellent time waster without the feeling of wasting time and its impersonal unlike a lot of other networking social media sites whose main focus is  blogging to meet people.


I’ve been through many networking blogs from Xanga to Livejournal, to Myspace each with a target audience and it’s funny to see how they grow and decay leaving way for new social enterprises.





More Brands Joining Instagram

More and more people are falling into the social media craze and a lead captor is Instagram. Instagram is a mobile app that allows users to take photos or videos for the purpose of sharing their life online.  It is now one of the top social platforms and businesses can use this to their advantage.

Instagram currently has more than 500 million users and steadily growing. What does this mean for marketers? That there is a huge platform of consumers waiting to be engaged with. Many businesses are advertising on Instagram for a number of reasons:

  • Simple to use: The app only allows a handful of options for what to post, this gives everyone fair game. There is no annoying spam or pop-up videos/links that usually drive consumers away. But rather it is the same square space that every user has. Allowing businesses to reach consumers in a relatable fashion that is not too overbearing.
  • Creative: Instagram allows businesses to visit their creative side and release content that is unique and specified for their brand.
  • Effective: Visual marketing is becoming increasingly popular as social media marketing continually grows. Consumers are preferring to gain information through sight, and Instagram does just that. If a company is able to draw a consumer in through their pictures and captions they have potential to gain more followers and ultimately customers.
Join in the Fun

Obviously if you’re a brand manager or brand marketer you need to stop what you are doing and set up an Instagram account. Right away for the future of the free world depends on it!

Ok, maybe not the entire free world and perhaps I am being a bit melodramatic. But the fact remains that consumers – more and more of them, are using Instagram, just as they are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. And if you’re not including Instagram as part of your social media strategies which should be part of your overall integrated marketing campaigns, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to move that needle.

From the conclusion of the Simply Measured study: ”For brands that continue to hold out and watch as their competition is engaging users and measuring results, 80 cmillion potential customers are being ignored.”

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Build relationships

As much as social media is about starting conversations, its equally as much about building relationships. Once you start getting involved with social media, it becomes very apparent that it takes time and resources to build those relationships within your community that creates the brand loyalists and promoters, not to mention converting the skeptics.

It certainly doesn’t happen over night, or with one Social News site submission. Rather, it takes dedicated resources, as in real human beings, that represent your company or your brand to communicate one on one with individuals who are active in the social circles within your industry space. Shortcuts are few and far between, and in the end, only manage to “cheapen” or even destroy the trust you’ve built up in a relationship.

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  1. Garrett Pierson Says:
    July 11th, 2008 at 11:13 am Wonderful tips here thanks for the great and valuable content. My favorite tip is “Remember to Listen” very very important!
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    July 11th, 2008 at 2:47 pm Building a good relationship online is very important. It can help you a lot especially in your online business.
  4. John Says:
    July 11th, 2008 at 3:05 pm Be Real – this is so so true! I believe that 100% transparency is always the best method, all of the time. Letting your fans know where and how to reach you; being yourself at all times; and always creating real and original content is most important of all… within the first line, I can tell if something is real or fake. Great post!
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    July 30th, 2008 at 1:48 pm Excellent post! Building Relationships is VERY important and HELPFUL!


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    August 16th, 2008 at 10:40 pm The more you get involved in conversations, the better your social media network!
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    October 24th, 2008 at 1:43 pm Nice informative site is there to know the things well. I believe that 100% transparency is always the best method, all of the time. Letting your fans know where and how to reach you; being yourself at all times.
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