How come the ‘ugly’ boots became a phenomenon


The Wall Street Journal

UGG Australia has sold nearly $ 712 million in sheep’s leather shoes last year – more than double that, for example, the traditional Smith & Wesson sold weapons (U.S. $ 334.9 million). It is an extraordinary success when you think that in Australia, until recently, the leather sheep boots were rejected and no one with a minimum of self-respect would accept being seen outside the home wearing these boots, created by shearers to prevent fingers freeze in the sheds in which they worked. But if the boots are rejected or admired doesn’t matter, now¬†it is difficult to find anyone, anywhere, who has not heard of the shoe – or used it.

Despite different opinions, the UGG delivered impressive results amid global recession. The billing of “the biggest seller of sheep leather type-A world,” as the company¬†describes themselves rose 22% last year. Earlier this year, driven by an increase of 28% in sales of existing stores for a year or more, sales of the first quarter exceeded $ 100 million for the first time.

In the last decade, the UGG boots invaded popular culture, appearing everywhere, from the set of stylized “Sex and the City” to the muddy fields of the show’s 40th anniversary of Woodstock.