Friday the 13th! ironic, it was Friday the 13th last week Friday. Theories have stated that the number 13 is an unlucky number, and Friday is an unlucky day. Gioachino Rossini the famous author of the biography published in 1869 called “Henry Sutherland Edwards” regarded his Fridays as an unlucky day and the 13th an unlucky number. It’s very suspicious how one Friday 13th of November he died. Several theories have been proposed as about the origin of Friday the 13th as superstition. In numerology, the number 12 is considered as a completion as a reflect on the twelve months of the year, twelve hours, twelve gods, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve apostles of Jesus, twelve successors of Muhammad in Shia Islam and twelve zodiac signs. However the number 13 was considered irregular. There is a superstition by some derive from the last supper or a Norse myth that having thirteen people sitting at a dinner table will result in death of one of the diners.

In Spanish-speaking countries, Tuesday 13 (martes trece) is also considered unlucky. The Greeks also considered Tuesdays especially the 13th a day of bad luck.


Notable people who died on Friday the 13th


Date of Death

Sam Patch 13 November 1829[30]
Gioachino Rossini 13 November 1868
Diamond Jim Brady 13 April 1917
Sir Henry Segrave 13 June 1930
Arnold Schoenberg 13 July 1951
Ruth Ellis 13 July 1955
Martita Hunt 13 June 1969
Lily Pons 13 February 1976
Mickey Spillane 13 May 1977
Hubert Humphrey 13 January 1978
Ralph Kirkpatrick 13 April 1984
Benny Goodman 13 June 1986
Gerald Moore 13 March 1987
Chet Baker 13 May 1988
Stuart Challender 13 December 1991
Tupac Shakur 13 September 1996
Tony Roper 13 October 2000
Julia Child 13 August 2004
Tim Russert 13 June 2008
Edwin Newman 13 August 2010
Richard D. Zanuck 13 July 2012