Tips To Rapidly Raise Funding on Angel List

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Angel List is service that makes it easy for introductions to happen between entrepreneur and investor, kind of like a mini Facebook for investors and entrepreneurs. Although it’s easy to use, some people have made mistakes while using it.

Taken from this article (

In this article talks about the top 6 things Rick Perreault (co-founder & CEO of Unbounce, a Vancouver-based company that develops a web based platform)  did that helped  him raise capital with Angel List.

Here are two tips taken from this article about Angel List

Tip #1 Use video to tell your story

In hindsight, probably the most effective thing I did was include a link on our profile and in all my email correspondence to a video of me giving our pitch I had the opportunity to pitch at the last GROW Conference here in Vancouver and lucky for us, they recorded it. I included it on our Angel List profile and almost everyone that contacted me commented that they watched it and especially liked the Q&A. Here is the link to the video:

You don’t need to spend any money doing this either. Record yourself giving your pitch and providing answers to all the typical questions that you get from outsiders and post it on YouTube. Your passion, conviction and knowledge of the problem you are solving will come across in ways that a deck can never achieve and by presenting your own Q&A, you’ll skip all the typical questions and have a much more constructive meeting when you get on a call with an investor.

Tip #2 Get commitments for endorsements early

You probably have advisors and/or commitments from investors already or at the very least, someone of influence that likes what you are doing. Let them know that you are going to raise investment via Angel List and ask them in advance if they would endorse your company. Once your profile goes live, your first email(s) should be to them asking them to comment & share your profile.

There are a lot of companies posting on Angel List and having people of influence endorse your business will help you stand out and give visitors to your profile page a reason to take a good look at your startup.

Reality Check: If you can’t get at least one person of influence to endorse your business, you are not ready for Angel List.

For more tips on the article link.

Woman who should be famous

In society today many young women are influenced by numerous types of role models, from celebrities, to models and reality stars in pop culture. While these aren’t the best positive role models , there are real woman who positively influence young woman’s lives for the better but unfortunately go unnoticed.

Well Dove wants to introduce “woman who should be famous” campaign. A project aimed at introducing young women and girls to real, admirable women. The goal of this  movement is to put a spotlight on strong women, empowered women, kind women…real women.

Base on this article ( here are some enlightening facts:

  •  when girls feel bad about their looks, nearly half of girls (47 percent)* disconnect from life and avoid normal daily activities, such as attending school or even giving their opinions
  • “Second to Mom, 32 per cent of Canadian girls cite celebrities, such as Hollywood starlets, as their top role models. At Dove, we believe that there is a need to shift the spotlight and identify other inspirational women who have a positive relationship with beauty to positively shape the self-esteem of Canadian girls,” said Sharon MacLeod, vice-president of marketing, Dove Canada.


Have you known a woman who can positively influenced a community and is a special role model to younger women?
Well Katie Couric, a correspondent for ABC News, wants to hear about their stories here ( )