Techie Networking for Women

Getting a startup off the ground is just the beginning. Growing a business is the next big step.

In this video, startup entrepreneur Amy Yazdian ofI’m In The Kitchen “tells how she felt intimidated as a young female in the technology space. Listen how she went out of her comfort zone and created her own network.

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Techie networking for women

  • Get out of comfort zone
  • Attend Industry events
  • Create your own network

Living in the 21st Century

Every year we seem to have new gadgets and people who have the craziest ideas. Well, goelaborate expands on your inventions and latest ideas and can publish them online by creating your own website. We plan, develop, analyze, and design. We also design logos. Goelaborate is also in touch with all the popular social media so, that we can keep you up to date with our news. If you Contact us we will be sure to message you back with an answer and hopefully business tips.

Ideas That Spread Win.

What is it that allows a mundane idea to revolutionize a way of thinking?

“Consumers don’t care about you at all, ” so how does one become the purple cow? What makes an idea truly “remarkable”?

Seth Godin on standing out from TED Talks:

1. Safe is risky. Be at the fringes.
2. Sell to people who are listening.

2003 to date, does it still work or has the unexpected become…expected?

Seth Godin on standing out from TED Talk