Four more days for “Restaurant Week”

Only four more days till “Restaurant week is over.” why not take the opportunity for you to try some of restaurants you are not use to going to. Restaurants participate in “Restaurant Week” are offer three-course lunch for just $24.07. Some of them are even offer dinner for just $35. Some of the people that enjoy restaurant week say that they had a great experience. So why not take this opportunity and don’t miss out on “Restaurant Week


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You have till 5pm on August 10, 2012 or it’ll be too late and over.

Will prime Olympic coverage be lost because there are limits and restrictions to participants social media activity?

Social media plays an active role in our social life today. From communicating to people, to helping business expand. It has even made it’s way to the Olympics!

The role for social media in the Olympic games is to make the games feel more enjoyable and more exciting for the participants and their fans. And as the majority of the world cannot attend the games, social media helps enhance the overall experience for those not present.

Though it is understandable that the IOC (International Olympic Committee) is attempting to limit the promotion of brands that are not official Olympics sponsors to preventing both controversial posts and upsetting their official sponsors. The controversy lies in mixing of professional and social life. Many argue that the IOC cannot dictate what someone may or may not do with their personal social media page.

One might go as far as saying that the London 2012 is not a “social media Olympic” with all the rules and restrictions cause by the IOC. By not allowing the participants to share some of their experiences during the games, ‘the world’ may lose prime coverage, in turn limiting both the participants and their fans.


The true question at hand…

Should social media site’s be monitored? Who should monitor them?