What is Chatroulette?

Chatrouletter is a chat in video format, that works like a Russian roulette of people born in December 2009. It was created by Andrey Ternovskiy, a 17 years old Russian student.

But what is this new “hit ” the Internet?

It’s a tool, but a little different from others that we find, since there is no register of people, or record of who has accessed. There is also no way of finding friends, since the search is random and when you get to see someone or something on the screen, you can immediately interact with, or simply click “next” for another search being conducted.

In “Russian roulette” human, there are people waiting for what will appear across the screen. There are also drawings, posters, masked, costumed, dark rooms, photos, animals, finally it has a multitude of possibilities.

The video was one of the most accessed on YouTube and has already obtained over 2 million views.

Google Insights, which tracks the search terms most used worldwide, shows that in the last 90 days it’s increasin the access to the term  “Chatroulette”in the world.

Have you ever thought in “fishing”your clients in a different way?

You know that phrase that establishments often use when they are in sale? Something like: “the shop is upside down.” So GAP literally follow this say for the loyalty of its customers.
Gap in Vancouver, Canada, decided to put the whole store upside down. Mannequins, clothes, posters, cars parked in front of the store and even the logos on the entrance and the bags, took the position upside down. The store was built that way for 45 days and the campaign was part of the customer loyalty program, which gave shopping credits for people who bought the clothes in sight.

The result is that with so much buzz around this action, both as former customers and curious potential customers went there to check what was going on.