Why Go Digital?

Why go Digital? Good Question!

The objective of going digital is to showcase your resources and to become a leader in your industry.  Your business’ footprint will be with people always, inclining them to either buy or support what you are selling.  The channel to achieve this is via media.

Digital media is influencing how we produce knowledge.  (Food for thought: how often do we stop and think about the techniques media uses to control our actions?)  Going digital not only means T.V.  It also involves magazine’s and other forms of print literature.  Going digital is a cost effective means to link people and their emotions.

Media has the reach of monitoring time and products, as well as the ability to connect with companies to share their experiences.

There is an endless stream of companies aspiring to tap into this form of technology.


Question remains… Why Go Digital?  Reason: simply said, we need it!  Digital is not just an on and off.  It is an influencer in our lives, the decisions we make, every call to action, the way we think, media drives us!

Innovative Action

IKEA decided to put couches in the four most famous subway stations of Paris. Thus, passengers waiting for the subway could sit on couches. Logically, to promote the brand, IKEA has placed large posters behind the couches showing the interiors of its stores.

That’s quite interesting! There’s even a lamp to give a more cozy atmosphere. And the fact is that the company surprised the audience with a different idea that has attracted new and old customers.