Over 80 Million Users on Instagram

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An outrageous number of users have increased the Instagram population since October 2010 when Instagram was established. Team announced that users have shared over 4 billion photos on the Instagram blog.
On October 13 2010 Instagram had only 100,000 users. Throughout May 1st 2012 the amount of users have skyrocket to 50 Million users. Now in July 26, 2012 it has raised to 80 Million users and nearly 4 Billion pictures shared.

Twitter Lights up the London Eye for Summer 2012 Olympics – Have you ever thought that Twitter can be “power”?

Twitter to light up London Eye – London Olympics

Have you ever thought that twitter can be “power”?


The London Eye-Twitter will light it up!

Well in London they’re using the famous Ferris wheel; The London Eye, as a mood ring base for negative or positive statements left on Twitter or Facebook.

Based on this article and video (http://mashable.com/2012/07/24/londons-eye-twitter/)

EDF Energy, a utility company and expert on Twitter sentiment analysis,” Mike Thelwall, and Sosolimited are going to be scanning Twitter for tweets and determine on the emotion contained within tweets to light up the London eye a certain color. Yellow is positive, green is neutral and purple is negative.

Lesson to be learned:

Use Twitter and Social Media to leverage your followers engagement.  Turn followers into clients.  Clients into $$$

True, the Olympics and the London Eye are holding a large-scale incentive, but even in a local sense, businesses can implement similar tactics to drive traffic.

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