Germany Vs Brazil: Game, set and match!


If only Tim Howard could save the match between Germany vs Brazil. The country who is currently hosting the world cup got brutally beaten by the German’s with a score of 7-1 in yesterday’s Fifa World Cup match.

Brazil had repeatedly won the World cup games 5 years in a row was expecting a 6th 2014 victory. The country lives for this event and soccer is their game that one can’t be surprised at the looks of horror, devastation and sadness caught on film of Brazilians watching the final bits of the game facing an unexpected new reality.

The internet went on a collective outburst over the event posting memes about the play and reporters capturing beautiful pictures Germany and Brazil fans.

This adorable fellow clutching the World Cup trophy became the face of everyone’s reaction as the loss slowly seeped in.

And this German fan just landed herself a modeling contract. The days are looking sunnier for Germany and its people after this win.

Some say the Brazilians lost the game because they were short 2 key players, Neymar and Silva and can now only hope for third place.

Sure it is embarrassing for Brazil, the host country that lives and breathes soccer (futbol) to lose especially before the final game. They have reacted in extremes unnecessarily because of such loses, but hopefully they will follow in the adorable man’s footsteps and relinquish the trophy honorably to the team who does win.