Advertising Through Digital Mediums Makes Billions

Advertising in the USA is controlled by tech giants, Google and Facebook

Advertising is surprisingly a huge market in the USA, which is controlled by Google and Facebook.  Social media today, allows for a mass sharing of information, which makes business instant, and transparent (Wagner, 2015).

Advertisers are generating a ton of revenue using social media tools, and are getting more advanced with new social media analytics tools, which have the ability to predict trends in social media consumer behavior.

Consumerism has taken over America, and is the go-to-place for all kinds of stuff. In fact, “52%” of American’s have Amazon Prime today (Galloway). 

It’s “scary fast”… 


Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, and Instagram make mind-blowing profits every year with digital advertising tools.  In today’s economy it is all about the consumer.  Consumers are priceless. If you take a look inside USA’s greatest malls today, you’ll see that the consumer activity reflects the local and current economy (Galloway, 17).

Facebook is the most successful company in the world today, and owns Instagram and Whatsapp (Galloway, 96).

Facebook and Google combined are responsible for 90% of ad revenue in the USA in 2016, and are taking over traditional media (Galloway).


90% of ad revenue in the USA in 2016. Imagine 2017!

Google and Facebook algorithms analyze consumer engagement, constantly accessing individual interest, and updating users’ advertisements, and social media feed based on data mining, and analytics, profiting as the technology learns the consumer.  Companies which use Facebook for digital advertising benefit enormously from consumers using social media for news, versus traditional media sources, which are gradually disappearing (Galloway).

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