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iPad and iPhone: New Rumors

Rumors about budget iPad and iPhone are being circulated. 

Ipad budget

It seems as though Apple might be putting out smaller iPads. These iPad Minis will probably than be budgeted to a lower price. All this started when Asia claimed that Apple had ordered smaller tablet screens. The iPad Mini is rumored to be coming out in October next to the iPhone 5.

If you ask me about iPhone budgets, I’ll say it won’t happen. These rumors have been circulating for five years. Bugdet iPad and iPhones are not what Apple wants to brand.

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Amazon Smartphone News

Are we expecting an amazon smartphone soon? Yes or No? The answer is still being speculated. Headquarters at Seattle is testing a smartphone. Amazon was a huge competition in the tablet market and it wants to make its arrival in the mobile market. One person said that the screen of Amazon’s smartphone currently being tested measures between four and five inches. Smartphones are expanding everywhere. People are starting to leave behind their old traditional phones and beginning to buy new smartphones. The demand for smartphones is relatively high in China.