The Maker of Tumblr

 The Man Behind Tumblr


The 25-year-old David Karp is a high school drop out who until Tumblr came along was just lingering New York City.

His inspirations are Steve Jobs and Willy Wonka. His goal is to make Tumblr as simple and healthy as possible. By healthy, meaning without hate or garbage created by comment sections and even “follower” counts that determine how popular you are, Karp says these things ruin the experience and are just down right disgusting. Tumblr’s simplicity is the reason why everyone loves it. Instead of getting excited for new features on Tumblr, Tumblr investor Bijan Sabet says that Karp does the opposite. Bijan Sabet says Karp would come up and tell him “Hey, got a new version coming up — and I took four features out!’ ” There is no doubt he is truly creative and one of a kind.

Tumblr resides in New York. Up to 50 million subscribers.

Who’s ready for Restaurant Week? – NYC Restaurant Week Summer 2012 Restaurant Week 2012

Two times  a year there is a great opportunity for you to try  some of the restaurants you are not used  to going to,  maybe because they’re too expensive or you haven’t really gotten the chance to go to that restaurant you always wanted to go to . Throughout the city from January-February and June-July, restaurants participate in “Restaurant Week” they offer three-course lunch for just $24.07. Some of them offer dinner for just $35. Some of the people that enjoy restaurant week say that they had a great experience, they were treated very nicely and they even got free gifts certificates value for $20.00 off a future meal. Saturday are not included and Sunday is optional .Beverages , gratuities and taxes  are not included .

What you have to do to be eligible?

To participate in restaurant week you need to register an eligible American Express card at You have to do this between 12am on July 8, 2012 and 5pm on August 10, 2012.The earlier you make your reservation the better it would be because many of the best choices for restaurant week will sell out quickly .You could call the restaurant or go to so you could reserve. you could find more information, see which restaurants are doing restaurant week and much more. Why not try this great opportunity!



iPad and iPhone: New Rumors

Rumors about budget iPad and iPhone are being circulated. 

Ipad budget

It seems as though Apple might be putting out smaller iPads. These iPad Minis will probably than be budgeted to a lower price. All this started when Asia claimed that Apple had ordered smaller tablet screens. The iPad Mini is rumored to be coming out in October next to the iPhone 5.

If you ask me about iPhone budgets, I’ll say it won’t happen. These rumors have been circulating for five years. Bugdet iPad and iPhones are not what Apple wants to brand.

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