5 Steps to use Social Media for your new Start-Up

5 Steps to use Social Media for your new Start-Up.

1.    Create your pitch and post it..

Describe what your company does in 125 characters or less.  Post it, Post it, Post it.  Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and YouTube are all basically free tools.

2.    Find inventive ways to create or gather content.

For starters, make your website into a blog. Fresh content, the ability to post comments, and pages that get linked to will add to your online visibility. No doubt it’s challenging and time consuming to generate enough content to populate your network and blog, but there are smart ways to go about it.

First, whatever you’re doing, write about it. Report on your progress. Second, come up with a daily question you’d want someone to ask and respond to it in a blog post or video. Third, save time by collecting content from others. Place your product or service, even in beta form, in front of people willing to blog, make videos, and tell stories about it. Aggregate this content to your blog or video channel. Fourth, conduct polls or ask questions about a related topic and turn these results into future posts as well as “news” you can release to both bloggers and press.

3.    Get on Twitter and use it.

It takes time to build a large Twitter following, but you need to post your tweets as you will grow your followers.

4.    Develop relationships with the right bloggers.

Influential Bloggers references or links to your site will drive up your search results.

5.    Give stuff away for free.

Free advice, e-books, or even tips. Free content builds customer loyalty and spreads through world of mouth.